Rules & Regulations

The following event rules and guidelines are intended to help preserve the Amman Marathon and make it enjoyable for all individuals, to ensure the safety of all participants, and to meet the requirements of local government permits, the Jordan Athletic Federation, and the International Association of Athletics Federation (IAAF), which regulates performance records and oversees event liabilities.

Please note the emergency number 0796844477 for any runner who needs an emergency medical attention during the race.   


The Run Jordan Races courses / running routes are held under the auspices of the IAAF, (international Association of Athletic Federations), Rules.

By entering the race runners have agreed to abide by these rules and the instruction and decisions of the race officials.

Runners who contravene official instructions, rules and / or act in un-sportsman-like behavior may be disqualified and subjected to additional disciplinary action as determined by the federation and / or race organization.

Run Jordan reserves the right to change the details of the event, including delaying, canceling, or suspending the race due to inclement weather or other potential safety risks.


Participants must retire at once from the race if ordered to do so by event officials, medical staff, or any governmental authority, including firefighters and police officers.

Sportsmanship: Any participant who conducts him- or herself in an unsportsmanlike manner or who is offensive in action or language to event officials, other participants, volunteers, or spectators may be disqualified.

Participants will be allowed to register for the race According to the following conditions:

1- If the participant is vaccinated for (Covid-19) and have vaccination certificate.
2- If the participant has taken the first shot of Covid-19 vaccine before 21 days (minimum).
3- If the previous two conditions are not met, the participant must have a corona test (PCR for people who haven’t been vaccinated), also the companion of the Children.
4- The above conditions apply to ages of 14 years old and above.
5- Participants of non-Jordanian nationalities, who are living in Jordan, the same conditions apply on them as Jordanians.

The Amman Marathon is organized in accordance with the regulations of the Jordan Athletics Federation and the IAAF. Kindly note that the conditions of participation are upheld when participants sign the registration form.

  • There will be no registration on race day.
  • All entry fees are non-refundable and non-transferable.
  • Registration online will be closed on Oct /12/ 2022.
  • Registration changes or cancellations will not be accepted after October/13/ 2022.
  • Each runner must sign his\her registration form waiver.
  • A valid identity card must be enclosed with the registration form.
  • Numbers will only be delivered to the athlete who is registered, unless the registered runner wishes to have another individual pick up his\her package. In this case, he/she must provide staff with his\her purchase ticket.
  • Participants under 16 years old must have the signature of a parent or legal guardian on the registration form in order to participate.
  • Registration will be canceled for unpaid participants on Oct/13/2022.
  • Once the registration form has been duly processed, there will be no fee refunds for participants who choose not to participate in the event, regardless of the reason.
  • The organizers reserve the right to cancel or postpone the race without any prior notification, in which case the registration fees are non-refundable.
  • A list of participants will be posted on our website.


The minimum age requirement is that the runner at the 10 KM race 14 years or older on the race day, and 17 years old for the 21 KM and 42 KM with parent’s approval. Any runner younger than these ages must participate at the children race, providing they are 6 years old and above. 


All the participant must run with their Bib number that they are allocated at registration. Do not mix up the numbers with friends or family members. If a runner wears the incorrect bib number both the runner and the runner whose bib was being switched or replaced with will be disqualified.

All the runners are required to wear bib number timing device on the chest area.

The bib must be registered in our system.

For more info please contact run Jordan timing system on call 065662999

Runners are reminded to wear their race number on the front of their upper body and NOT on the running short as this will be disqualification.

Runners must familiarize themselves with and abide by the advertising rules as per the IAAF rulebooks (IAAF Rules 143,144,145,146).

These provisions apply for the duration of the race including warming up all the race ceremonies and official press conference. Under no circumstances may a runner display a political slogan (IAAF Rules 8,145).

  • You must be in good health and physically prepared to undertake the challenge to participate in the race.
  • All participants are responsible for knowing the starting time and check-in method for their race.
  • All participants must be positioned behind the line when starting the race.
  • Participants must stay on the official course at all times. It is the responsibility of each participant to know the course and follow the coded signs. Please familiarize yourself with the course map before race day. Any participants who leave the course will be automatically disqualified.
  • Runners must stay on the right shoulder of the road and within the permitted areas, so that runners on the left side have a clear lane. Do not cut in front of another runner until you can safely do so. If you decide to slow down or stop gradually, please veer to the edge of the road.


Marathon 42 KM (individual), and 21 Marathon Half Marathon, Starting time at 06:00 AM.

*The 42.195 KM (individual) route repeats this track four times and at the end of the laps “4th lap” they will enter the finish line (the Hashemite Square).

*The 21-km runners repeat this route twice and at the end of the lap the second time they enter the finish line (Hashemite Square).

10 KM Race: Starting time at 09:00 AM.

Children’s Race: Starting time at 09:00 AM.


No car is allowed on the running course, and cycling inside the running course is FORBIDDEN.

Any runner receive assistance from people who have traveled on the race route will be disqualified (IAAF Rules 144.2).

Any transportation of runners along the route will lead to disqualification (IAAF Rules 144.3(A)).

Any runner found to have been carried along the route and/or to have cut the course before the finish line will be disqualified (IAAF Rules 144.3(A)).

There will be officials and electronic monitoring of runners along the route, and any runner who fails to be recorded at check-points will be deemed to have failed to have run the entire route and may be disqualified and subject to additional disciplinary inaction, including rejection of entry for any or all future Run Jordan events.

In compliance with (IAAF Rules 144.3(B)) runners competing for prize money or awards must not be in possession of, or use cassette recorders, radio, CD, radio transmitters, mobile phone or similar devices during the race.


There are toilet facilities at the gathering point, every water point along the race course and at the finish line.

Refreshment Stations

Runners must only use the refreshment from the tables specifically provided for the race they entered.

There are stations distributed along the race route. Water is also available at the finish line.

Runners are advised to bring their water bottles at the assembly point and starting point


Medical facilities will be available throughout the race route and ambulances.

In the event of the a runner collapse or injury, please notify the nearest marshal or if you have a phone please phone the emergency number 0796844477 in order to get medical assistance

Cut Off:

The Children’s race

- Will have 11:00 AM cut off time.

- Runners must to leave the road at this time as the road will be re-opened to traffic.

- No runner will be allowed into the finish line area after 11:00 AM.

42.195KM (individual), 21KM, and 10KM

- These races will have a 12:00 PM cut off time.

- Runners are required to leave the road at this time as the road will be re-opened to traffic. Runners must then proceed on the pavements.

- No runner will be allowed into the finish line area after 12:00 PM.

- Any runner stays on the route after 12:00 pm, he/she will run on their own responsibility. (There won’t be any medals, refreshment or services at the finish line).

Protests and Appeals:

Protests concerning the result or conduct of an event shall be made within 30 minutes of the official announcement of the result of that event, to the Jury of Appeal, it shall be in writing, signed by the athlete, or by someone acting on his behalf or by an official representative of a team, (IAAF Rule 146).

  • Athletes who participate in this competition may be subject to formal drug testing in accordance with the IAAF regulation rule 144. Athletes found positive for a banned substance, or those who refuse to be tested, will be disqualified from this event and will lose eligibility for future competitions.
  • The race director reserves the right to disqualify any individual who does not comply with the rules, or is caught cheating.
  • Participants found to be wearing more than one timing device during the race will be disqualified and their results will not be recorded.
  • Any runner found cheating on the course will be disqualified from this race and future races.
  • Using any form of transportation between timing stations will result in the disqualification of runners from this race and all future races.
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