Brief About Run Jordan

Run Jordan is a new non-governmental organization dedicated to the promotion of long distance competitive and leisure running among all segments of the Jordanian society. A primary focus of Run Jordan is on the marathon run, comprising a distance of 42.195 km and representing an important part of the modern Olympic and Paralympic legacy in the area of athletics. Other areas of priority include the organization of competitive races covering other distances – from 5 and 10 km runs to half-marathon and ultra-marathon events – and the promotion of leisure running in general. The establishment of Run Jordan is a direct result of an effort to restructure and broaden the scope of the Amman International Marathon to include running events and programs in all parts of the country.

One of the most appealing features of running is its openness to participants of all categories. Young and old, able-bodied and disabled, low-income and high-income individuals can all engage in this sport.At the individual level, long distance running particularly for youth can help instill the importance of goal-setting, self-discipline, preparation, resilience and sportsmanship. ‘The will to win means nothing without the will to prepare’ a well-known Tanzanian marathon runner is quoted as saying to his young student runners.Alongside reinforcing these personal values and behaviors, running and running events promote fitness, healthy-living, social cohesion and interaction with other societies.Competitive running events, organized throughout the country, also promote Jordan and its rich cultural heritage as a primary tourism destination among overseas runners.

The establishment of Run Jordan emanates from a strong public-private partnership keen on promoting positive lifestyles and a healthy Jordanian society. The partners consist of public sector entities engaged in municipal life, sporting activities, tourism promotion, and public safety, in addition to key representatives of the private and civil sectors in Jordan.The private sector has been truly committed to supporting the organization of running events and programs through corporate sponsorship plans. Another idea underlying the goals of Run Jordan is to use its running events to promote causes that are important to large sections of Jordanian society. These causes can span multiple sectors including public health, social development, disability and the protection of the environment.

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